Children and Ancestors of Martin GINGRAS and Emilie MAYRAND

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A member asked me if I had any information on Martin GINGRAS m. Emilie MAYRAND Aug 25 1846.

I found this couple in the GINGRAS FAMILY MARRIAGES book by Andrew GINGRAS, July 1995.

It is important to note that this book is NOT primary documentation. The tireless work of Andrew GINGRAS over the years produced an incredible amount of information, but I am not certain that it is all sourced with primary documentation. It is a wonderful collection nonetheless and we’re lucky to have it.

The formatting of this book can be difficult to get used to, but this first image shows the header format. Here’s Martin and Emilie with their parents Magloire GINGRAS and Vicroire GAVREAU and Children.

Here they have 7 children who were married (non married Gingrases don’t make this book): Rene, Philippe, Alfred, Leopold, Emma, Jeanne, and Emelia.

Going back…

Again, the formatting of this book can be confusing, but the first line in each of these families is the husband/wife. The second line is their parents, and the third+ lines are their children.

Magloire GINGRAS m. Emilie MAYRAND Feb 22 1802

Pierre GINGRAS m. Catherine GRENIER Apr 19 1773

Pierre GINGRAS m. Anne BELANGER Nov 21 1740

Jean GINGRAS m. Madeleine LEFEBVRE Feb 17 1705

which brings us to Charles and Francoise AMIOT at the base of the GINGRAS tree…

Charles GINGRAS m. Francoise AMIOT Nov 05, 1675

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